Food for your mind, body, spirit, planet, and community.

Autumn Olive Food Works offers wholesome, nutritious, delicious menus through flexible PERSONAL CHEF SERVICES, specialty catering, COOKING CLASSES, FARM TO TABLE DINNERS, and EDIBLE GARDEN SUPPORT & INSTALLATION. With ten years of food growing, cooking and teaching experience and a focus on LOCALLY grown ingredients, nutrition, and special accommodation, it is my delight to work for you!

Gabby has studied Education at Middlesex County College, Agricultural Science at Rutgers University, Permaculture design at The Center for Bioregional Living, and Culinary Arts at the Elijah's Promise Culinary School. She co-founded The Rutgers Initiative for Permaculture Education in 2011, taught 4-H in New Brunswick, Girl Scouts of America at the Raritan Valley YMCA, Gardening and Cooking for the Unitarian Montessori School in East Brunswick, Served Americorps as a Sustainable Food Education Coordinator, taught at The Farm Cooking School and Elijah's Promise, among many other food and farm and related occupations!

"Food and cuisine is a celebration of evolutionary abundance, human culture, and creativity, which I am so excited to participate in. Through the food we eat, we have the ability to interact and positively affect our local ecologies and economies, as well as deeply nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits.

My goal as a chef and grower is to honor old traditions, nature, artistry, and wellness. I come from a family of talented home cooks and foodies from around the world. Growing up in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, East Brunswick New Jersey, and now residing in Highland Park, New Jersey, I have been immersed in many cultures and cuisines throughout my entire life. I specialize in highlighting local and specialty ingredients. With 10 years of diverse industry experience in agriculture, culinary arts, education, and event production, I love to face new creative challenges. Every menu is created custom for every event and class. Oh, and I LOVE what I do. I look forward to hearing from you, teaching you, and cooking for you." -Chef Gabby