autumn olive food works &

Food for your mind, body, spirit, planet, and community.

Autumn Olive Food Works offers wholesome and delicious menus through customized chef services, specialty catering, cooking classes, events, and more. 

"Food and cuisine are a culmination of human and ecological harmony, evolutionary abundance, culture, innovation and creativity, which I am excited to participate in. Through food, we have the ability to interact and positively affect our local ecologies, communities, and economies, as well as deeply nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits. 

My goal as a chef, grower, and educator is to honor wise traditions, ecology, artistry, and wellness.  I specialize in using locally grown and unique ingredients, having built relationships with my local farm community over many seasons, as well as coming from a diverse cultural background. With 12+ years of industry experience in agriculture, culinary arts, education, and event production, I love embarking on new challenges, & eating and working with my community. Cooking is my way of making the world a better place and striving for well being "

-Chef Gabby