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What customers have to say about Autumn Olive Food Works:


"I have been blessed with being able to enjoy Gabby's wholesome, nourishing food for many years now. She is so conscious of not only how flavors dance with each other, but also where her food is sourced and that attention to detail really makes her cooking special. Knowing that some food comes from her garden or local farms makes the dishes she creates so unique. She can accommodate any palate or diet and the diversity in her cooking never ceases to amaze me. I highly recommend her for any catering and her personalized weekly meals are better than any commercial service you'll find."

-Hannah, Nutley NJ

"I wish I could give 10 stars to Autumn Olive Food Works. My band conducted a very long music video and Gabby prepared literally BEAUTIFUL and healthy good for us all day. Apart from the fact that it was absolutely delicious and grown from the land, we truly needed healthy and filling food to have energy for the shoot. Pizza and other junk food wouldn't have given us the energy to perform at the highest level. And if that wasn't enough Gabby is truly one of the Kindest and most accommodating people I've ever met.  She's a true artist, and it was beautiful to have her a part of our creative process. The video came out great and kickstarted a lot of our career, and We have her to thank!  truly the food and service from Gabby is one of the most special memories I have of that time. The artists and crew were treated like royalty. If you ever have an event, book her!!!"

-Taylor, NYC

"Gabby doesn't just cater.. she just brings the whole PARTY. This fall, I wanted to do something nice to celebrate my birthday, but like many of us this year, I was mentally exhausted from focusing on work the pandemic and my health. I had aspirations of a small get together and a feast for my friends but absolutely no energy to cook or even dream up a menu.
Besides providing creative, delicious and (quite pretty) hors d'oeuvres, Gabby was able to ask me a few helpful questions about what I love and what I was craving in order to decide on a main course. She came packed with ideas, supplies and ingredients and removed the stress and mental strain of creating a menu while still including my desires and ideas.
The whole package was so nice - delicious food that knocked my friends out and was a great mix of home cooking and fancy eats, a thoughtful menu that reflected my tastes, cute presentation, and tidy + efficient preparation somehow completed in my tiny studio apartment kitchen. Gabby THANK YOU, can't wait for your next event!"

-Aileen, NYC

"Gabby created an amazing feast to celebrate my birthday at a private dinner party for eight. She used locally grown ingredients that were super fresh and delicious, while supporting local farmers. Her presentation on the plate is creative and enticing. I highly recommend Autumn Olive Food Works!"

-Brad, Montgomery NJ




I love my clients!

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